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New Law College, Kolhapur

Programmes and Courses

Each academic year is divided in to two semesters every subject in a year mentioned below is divided into two parts consisting of two papers of 50 marks each and the first part is taught into first semester and second part is taught into second semester. The detail syllabus can be had from library.
First year of LL.B. (5 Years) (in two semester) Second year of LL.B. (5 Years) (in two semester)
English Paper I English Paper II
Political Science Paper I Political Science Paper II
Economic Paper I Political Science Paper III
History Economic Paper II
Sociology Paper I Sociology Paper II
Logic & Scientific method Indian Legal History, History of
Courts, Legislature and Legal
Profession in India
Environmental Studies
First year of LL.B. (3 years) Second Year of LL.B. (3 years) Third year of LL.B. (3 years)
Third year of LL.B. (5 years) Fourth year of LL.B. (5 years) Fifth year of LL.B. (5 years)
(in two semesters) (in two semesters) (in two semesters)
1. Contract I 1.Jurisprodunce 1. Criminal Procedure Code 1973
2. Contract II 2. Family Law II 2. The Indian Evidence Act of 1872
3. Tort and consumer Protection Laws 3. Property law including Transfer of Property and Easement Act 3. The Civil Procedure Code 1908
4. Law of crimes 4. Company Law 4. Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Disputes Resolution System.
5. Constitutional Law 5. Human Rights and International Law 5. Labour Laws
6. Family Law I 6. Environmental Law 6. Land Laws
7. Administrative Law 7. Interpretation of Statues (Any Two of the following)
(Any one of the following) 7. Taxation Laws OR Trust and Equity
8. Legal Language 8. Insurance Law OR Criminology and penology OR Banking Law 8. Law relating to women and children women and law
9. Professional Ethics Accountability for layers & Bar Bench Relations 9. Paper IX-Moot court, Pre trial preparation and participation in the trial proceedings
10. Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid & Para legal Service 10. Paper X - Drafting, Pleading, & Conveyancing
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